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Q: Why did I have to enter my e-mail address to upload photos or post comments? Will I start getting spam and junk mail?
A: No. Users who submit their email address will not receive spam nor will they receive junk mail. Users must provide email address in order to create a user name before uploading a photo(s) or posting comments to the site. We will not use any user information for any purpose other than those defined in the terms of use without explicit consent from the users.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Please click here privacy policy to read our corporate privacy policy.

Q: What types of image files can I upload?
A: Images uploaded to site must be a .jpg format and must be photos you take personally. Images that have been retouched should not be uploaded in any way. Images that are non-photo artwork, photos that have been downloaded from the web, stock or celebrity photos, copyrighted images, screenshots, panoramic or oddly sized photos will be rejected. Any and all content that is inappropriate for public areas, questionable content and/or nudity should not be uploaded and will be rejected. Users should not upload photos that are out of focus, under-exposed or over-exposed, unless it's done artfully. Photos should be crisp, not too dark or blown out. We encourage good photography and a good viewing experience for the photo sharing community site.

Q: What information should I include in my caption?
A: Please include the location where the photo was taken and the circumstance, if appropriate. Do not use the caption field to advertise your website.

Q: What size images can I upload?
A: The site only supports .jpg format. Photos can be any size. Video files should be in the following format: .avi, .dv, .mov, .qt, .mp4, .mpeg, .3gp, .asf, .wmv.

Q: I uploaded a photo to an album. Why isn't it showing up?
A: All photos go through an approval process before appearing on the site. If you have uploaded an image that falls into a category we don't accept (as specified above), we will not approve the photo. Otherwise, it will show up in the appropriate album once the photo is approved.

Q: I commented on a photo. Why isn't it showing up?
A: All photos are reviewed and approved before appearing on the site. However, photos that contain questionable content, profanity or hate, will be rejected.

Q: How do I suggest a new album or category?
A: Send a suggestion to In the subject line, type "How about a new category?" We will review all recommendations and determine whether or not it fits within the scope of the site. If approved, we will notify you that the category has been created.

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